About Me

Artist Name: Katarina Kirishiki
Real Name: Katarina Stojicevic
Username: KaitoKuraiko
Birthday: 17. Februrary 1998
Gender: Female

Deutsch, English, Srbski, Hrvatski,

un poco Español

Educational Titel:

Matriculation and Diploma Certificate

of Secondary School for Fashion

Education emhasis:

Fashion Design and Graphics 



Art Methods:

Traditional and Digital

My Name is Katarina, I'm a 20 year old Artist from Austria.

I graduated from the only fashion school in Tyrol. :)


I'm mostly a hobby artist and you can find me online on a lot os sites. I share my drawings online since 2012.

I use both, traditional and digital, materials for drawing but as of now prefer drawing digitally.


I don't really prefer any genres of Art, Music or anything else.

I like a lot of things and also love mixing them up. I think my art also reflects this, since I don't really have a style and I just draw depending on my mood an preferecnes.


I mostly draw random things, my characters, Fanart, Patterns, etc.

Just take a look at my Galery and see for yourself. 

Current Projects

  'DA WUT?' is a Comic about my life and all kind of things that happen + everything that I consider funny. 

A nonesense mix to make you laugh. I'm makeing it to relax and share some thoughts with the world. It's nothing to serious which is also the reason why I made it in a different style than my usual one. :'D

Hope you like it. :3

This comic is only available in english.



Tapastic ~ Webtoons ~ Animexx


Here is a list of ''Interviews'' I made :D

Thx to everyone who had time and liked my work this much to make them :) 


Elegence of Crafting