My Charas


Information to my Characters/OC's (Own Characters) I's all in english cause I think most people can understand it owo If you have questions feel free to ask. 

Also I have a Gallery for the Illustrations of my OC's have a look there. ^-^


Original Characters

Kulayavem (Own closed Species)

My Closed Species Kulayavem :D If you want one feel free to join the group on Facebook

Other Species

Species made by others :D List:

■ Llorona: Akairavess by Nadi-Chan & Veritasu 

■ Ashara: Jucobi by JoanaFlies

■ Bun Bun: Luminari by LOUIS - SAMA

■ Mal Allow: Shibakai by Nadi-Chan

OC's originally made by others

Fan OC's